Partial Seizures

There are many different kinds

of seizures as there are words for

“snow” for the Eskimo.

Many are innocuous enough and

just drop by for the day –

although unannounced and

uninvited, of course.

But others stay for weeks and

are as benevolent as a dictator:

taking over and taking control,

demanding and commanding,

and disrupting the general order of things.

Some come with personalities as grating

as The Star-Spangled Banner sung off key –

please stop, please stop, please.

Or, one day I’ll wake up to a brain

like a Salvador Dali clock or

the Wicked Witch of the West wailing

“I’m melt-ing!”

Others manifest like three-day old snow

in New York City, pushed aside

by a snowplow,

another like a slurpy,

a green one perhaps –

gush, mush, slush.

Then there are those imperceptible blips,

like when your cell phone lets you know

your batteries are






until I am

mentally spent

and then the






What to do?

I can’t evict them.

They won’t go.

I’ve tried

They are like confused

and abused children –

neglected and unwanted.

They need to live somewhere.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself

to give them a home

in hopes that one day

they will grow up,

and move out,

and find a place of their own.

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