Commenting on Blog Posts

A few of you have told me that you are having problems with how to comment, and I really want to hear from you.

This is how you do it:

IF you are receiving new blog posts by email and reading them on your smartphone:


Open the email, scroll to the bottom of the post, click on ‘comment’ – Under the post, you will (hopefully) find the ‘Share’ buttons (click your preference, if any) and the ‘Like’ button under those. Scroll further towards the bottom of the page to find the comment box in which you type your message – “Please share your comments and insight”.


Open email – Near the Post title, click ’72maluma’ (it’s a link), scroll all the way down and find “View Full Site”. Click the post title, scroll to the bottom of the post where the share and like buttons will be, scroll toward the bottom until you find the message “Please share your comments and insight” and the comment box.


Go to:

To share, like or comment, click “Leave a comment” located under each post. Find and click the title of the post on which you want to respond.


Google search the term “chronic illness as a spiritual teacher” Click the link – results from searching today:

“Chronic Illness as a Spiritual Teacher : “Do not turn away. Keep your …

The blog site opens – same instructions as above.

Please read all of the posts by 72maluma on Chronic Illness as a Spiritual Teacher and while you’re at it, please share to Facebook. Thank you!


Please share your comments and insight.

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