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  1. You bring up so many wonderful points about the concept of hope. I have finally come to believe that hope has an ultimate goal of some kind that is commensurate with the perception and need of the person who is sending out the hope-filled thought. You are right. Many of us hope to be healed or hope for a partner or hope for a new place to live. We place a tag at the end of it with the expectation that the problems or loneliness or discomfort we are experiencing will be relieved by something other than ourselves (often).
    Somehow coming to the place of recognition that this is what we have that may never change shifts things. Personal adjustments to the status quo usually are required. With three auto-immune diseases to deal with plus one other major problem, I have finally realized that to feel better, I HAVE to maintain a certain protocol in my life. If I don’t then I ultimately have to deal with annoying symptoms and often have to stay home. I get pissy about it and then come around again to doing the schedule, the diet, the stretches, the creams, the drs appointments, the herbs, the pushing of fluids, etc etc and I feel better and can do a little more, if I pace myself. Where does hope fit in with all this? I hope I keep having the energy and the commitment to do the regime. E

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